We chose to set up our own workshop right from the start of the brand, to control the entire process, from design to production. Knowing our entire chain also means better managing our costs, so that the work of our craftsmen is remunerated without multiple intermediaries.

Through Mii, we want to bring back to the forefront an ancestral know-how that has been abused by nearly 2 centuries of colonization and then by a destructive fast fashion industry.

We also want to play our part, at our own level, in safeguarding a know-how that will disappear in a few decades if nothing is done. The last generation of craftsmen is still here, but the next generation will not be assured if their skills are not promoted, organized and modernized. That's what we're trying to do, sometimes making mistakes, but with a single credo: move forward, build, every day trying to do better than the last, and putting people at the heart of our production.


Everything starts with the thread!

We create and design all our fabrics every season. We start with yarn! We work with natural materials such as khadi cotton, linen, wool, silk, cashmere and mohair... We develop and produce mii products locally in the region where Bapan grew up, Bengal, where textile know-how is particularly rich. Our products are almost exclusively handmade, and our skills include handloom weaving, Aari or needle embroidery, screen and block printing, needle knitting and crochet. We work in close collaboration with our artisans.

Today, through mii, hundreds of artisans can make a living from their skills all year round.